Zero waste is radical

We are happy to announce the second episode of our podcast Love Zero Waste, hosted by your humble hosts Malin Leth and Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe. You'll find the episode on our SoundCloud here.

Episode 2: The Game Changer - Love Zero Waste (S1, E2)

Zero Waste is radical. It changes everything. In this episode, you'll learn more about how cities, policy makers, businesses and private citizens can help change the game and create a zero waste society - way sooner than you think. We take a look at Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), why so many choose to focus on the responsibilities of consumers when business generate so much more trash and the innate powers of civil society.

Listen to interviews with our experts: Paul Ekins, professor of Resources and Environmental policy, of UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources ( and Elin Bergman (, Manager of Corporate Partnerships, of World Wide Fund for Nature and Wildlife (WWF). Hosts: Malin Leth and Evelina Lundqvist.

We'd love to get your feedback on the podcast. Did you learn something new in this episode? Would you recommend others to listen to Love Zero Waste? What topics do you want us to tackle in the podcast? Contact us, we're all ears! 👂


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This is for all the amazing spirits:

Idea, production and editing: The Good Tribe and Circulous

Hosts: Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth

Mixing: Umami

Jingle: Merlinn Sound

Love Zero Waste logo artwork: Alexandra Poetz

Initiators of the Love Zero Waste community: Evelina Lundqvist and Alexandra Poetz

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Love Zero Waste is a collaboration between Circulous and The Good Tribe. We’re always open to ideas and collaborations.

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