Wrapping up season 1 in just 15 min

Almost 6 hours of audio raw material have now been analysed and reflected upon in just 15 minutes. Malin Leth meet up with Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe to discuss and share their impressions from the first season and summarize the three key factors that are most important for creating a zero waste society. However, they are not sure of…. the last one? What would you add?

Moreover, Evelina has shares her feeling of stomach ache because the waste problem is so big and Malin has been busy trying to grasp the enormous amount of trash that we humans generate every year. Finding the best equivalent for 2 billion tonnes of waste is not easy though.

After calculating soccer fields and blue whales she ends up with the classic example of ship containers. But does that make it easier to understand? Either way, a systematic shift is needed.

Season 1 in rapid recap

Throughout season 1 we met with scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and other change agents to learn more about their insights in five episodes:

  1. Waste Management for Dummies with Anna-Carin Gripwall of Avfall Sverige and Jochen Pach of Holding Graz

  2. The Game Changer (this is Zero Waste) with Elin Bergman of WWF and Paul Ekins of UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources

  3. Leading change (at the intersection of waste management and zero waste) with Libby Peake of Green Alliance UK and Rustan Nilsson of Sysav

  4. A-year-of-a-trash-in-a-jar and the packaging free grocery store with Carlyn Grebleski of @lesswasteworld and Sarah Reindl of @dasgramm

  5. From fast fashion to accountability with Alexandra Poetz of The Good Tribe, Anna Lidström of Anotherstudio and Birgitta Helmersson of Helgrose Studio

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By Circulous, 2020,


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