The ultimate highlight compilation of zero waste trends in Europe

This is a special episode of Love Zero Waste. In collaboration with Zero Waste Europe, the number-one expert organisation on all matters zero waste in Europe, throughout October, we’ve been scanning the continent’s zero waste trends focusing on four primary areas: reuse, zero waste shopping, quitting single-use plastics and the impact of plastics on our health.

This episode is the summary, the ultimate highlight compilation of all of those interviews. We aspire to educate you on the trends related to the topics we just mentioned. There’s so much to learn - and even more importantly - to be done to create a zero waste society.

Call to action

We have two specific calls to action with this episode:

1) Learning by self-reflection

Throughout listening to the show we urge you to reflect on the following questions:

  • What am I learning?

  • How can I contribute to the transition towards a zero waste society?

Take notes on a piece of paper, on your phone, or wherever works for you. Listen, contemplate and act!

2) Sign the Bloody Manifesto by November 26, 2020:

Guests and social media handles

Alice Bah Kuhnke, politician in the European Parliament

Alec Mills and Celia Pool, co-founders of DAME

Bettina Steinbrugger, CEO and co-founder of Erdbeerwoche

Chloé Mikolajczak, sustainable development campaigner and host of the Burning case podcast

Joan Marc Simon, director of Zero Waste Europe

Justine Maillot, Consumption & Production Campaigner at ZWE & Policy Coordinator at the Rethink Plastic alliance of Zero Waste Europe

Katja Sres, head of public relations at Ecologists without borders Slovenia

Larissa Copello, consumption and production campaigner of Zero Waste Europe

Linda Vasilescu, co-founder of R-CREATE

Sofia Sydorenko, coordinator of Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine

Susana Fonseca, board member of ZERO Portugal


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