The global e-waste challenge

We're back with season three of the Love Zero Waste podcast! Feels good to be back. Woop! So many exciting episodes in the making! The first episode is "The global e-waste challenge" with expert guests Ify Otuya, June E-waste Academy, and Chloé Mikolajczak, Right to Repair.

What is electronic waste? Why does 80% end up in landfills or go unaccounted for? And what can we do to prevent electronics - broken down smartphones, computers, and tractors - turning into unsalvageable trash across the planet. Actually there’s a lot we can do!

Listen to Ify and Chloé share their insights on the e-waste problem, its consequences for civil society and nature, and how business, politics, and you and I can be part of creating new solutions.

Go listen to the full episode here: The global e-waste challenge


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Love Zero Waste is a collaboration between Circulous and The Good Tribe. We’re always open to ideas and collaborations.


Idea, production and editing: The Good Tribe and Circulous

Hosts: Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth

Mixing: Umami produktion

Jingle: Merlinn Sound

Initiators the Love Zero Waste community: Evelina Lundqvist and Alexandra Poetz

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