The change BIG MONEY can accomplish

Yay! We are happy to share the second episode of our podcast Love Zero Waste, hosted by your humble hosts Malin Leth and Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe. You'll find the episode on our SoundCloud here.

Investors and corporations contribute to the zero waste vision by trying to figure out how they can serve the market better, how they can earn more money, develop new products and services, push for new policies and much more. But what triggers change among the big players? How do they envision a zero waste society, and what are the concrete steps they’re currently taking?

Episode 7: The change BIG MONEY can accomplish - Love Zero Waste (S2, E7)

In this episode, we're focusing on the role of investors and corporations in the zero waste movement - on BIG money. Reynir Indahl, founder and managing director at Summa Equity and Matthew Demorais, working with Global External Affairs at Sustainable Packaging of Unilever are guests in this episode.

Reynir Indahl and Matthew Demorais share their insights on large-scale zero waste change processes and disruptions and the importance of co-creation and collaboration. Moreover, Reynir and Matthew share their own personal motivation for contributing to zero waste. Evelina and Malin discuss if system change doesn’t come down to a handful of people anyway…

A special thank you to Raiffeisen Nachhaltigkeits-Initiative for supporting the making of this episode! We’ve very grateful for your help!


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This is for all the amazing spirits:

Idea, production and editing: The Good Tribe and Circulous

Hosts: Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth

Mixing: Umami

Jingle: Merlinn Sound

Love Zero Waste logo artwork: Alexandra Poetz

Initiators of the Love Zero Waste community: Evelina Lundqvist and Alexandra Poetz

Love Zero Waste is a collaboration between Circulous and The Good Tribe. We’re always open to ideas and collaborations.

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