Season 3 coming your way!

Malin and Evelina here! We’re popping by to tell you that we’re working on season three of Love Zero Waste! In our podcast, we talk to experts - entrepreneurs, designers, activists, and scientists - trying to drastically reduce the 2 billion tons of solid waste that humanity generates every year. These experts are working to break the link between economic growth and increased waste generation.

And mind you, that number of 2 billion tons per year is rapidly rising, and it’s impacting our health and economy, and polluting the oceans and lands. Without urgent action, the 2 billion tons of waste we humans generate every year, will increase by 70% on current levels by 2050.

The show

We’ve created two seasons of Love Zero Waste and are now working on the third one.

On the show, we’re tackling the seemingly boring topics of waste and waste management. But we’re looking at it from a ZERO waste perspective. ZERO waste makes all the difference. Waste is a sign of system failure. ZERO waste is about designing out waste. Not by burning or burying it, not even by recycling it. But by removing it from the equation. Everything stays in the loop.

In season 3 we will dive deep into the topics of electronics, food and flames but also zero waste cities and what we can learn from imitating nature in design processes.

Now is the time to stop climate change. With Love Zero Waste we want to show that the only way we can do this - is together.

Season 3 is coming later this winter! Go listen to our episodes from season 1 and 2 of Love Zero Waste on our SoundCloud.

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