MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations - it's here!

We're so excited! We’ve just received the finalized, printed and ready MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations! Yay! Double yay!

This is a speedy video of what’s inside the box.

The cards help define and give structure to any organisation’s work with sustainable development within the circular economy, zero waste, climate change mitigation, planetary and social boundaries, human rights, inclusion, stakeholder engagement, and much more.

We’re facilitating the first workshops with the finalized cards starting this coming week! The topic of the workshop is one of our favorite ones - #decarbonization!

Are you planning or organising a workshop this spring?

Use MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations and let us help you in making the most out of your workshop or training. We’re skilled facilitators and trainers, and we love ideation for sustainable development!

Contact us to learn more! Send an email to

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By Circulous, 2020,


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