MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations - soon ready for orders, and the story behind

So much has happened within the sphere of sustainable development since MethodKit for Sustainable Development was released in 2013, that we’ve now created a new MethodKit, a complete make-over of the previously pink version. We're thrilled to introduce the MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations!

The release of MethodKit for Sustainable Organisations (now blue!) in English is happening on February 11. Until then - spread the word! More planned languages are Swedish and German.

Why MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations?

The cards in this deck each illustrate a crucial aspect of sustainable development. These aspects or even aspirations are vital to the development and growth of organizations that aim to act financially, socially, and environmentally responsible.

MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations is a catalyst for strategic conversations and decisions. Using the cards is an easy and fun way to approach in-depth discussions and much-needed action for sustainable development. The cards can be used in businesses or other organizations, in product, service, strategy, policy, code of conduct, and vision development.

The cards help you define and give structure to your organization’s work with sustainable development within the circular economy, zero waste, climate change mitigation, planetary and social boundaries, human rights, inclusion, stakeholder involvement, and much more.

Beginners, as well as experts on sustainable development, can use MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations. Typical lead users might include (but are not limited to) innovation and management teams, sustainability or CSR managers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, facilitators, business developers, designers, product and service designers, and many more.

The cards

The icons

The icons have been crafted with usefulness and simplicity in mind. They are representations of the different parts of sustainable development.

How to use

In its simplest form, the cards work as conversation starters, ice-breakers, or the basis for a high-priority to-do list for the organization.

In more complex exercises, the cards will help you build a foundation for developing and conducting business strategies or innovation processes, development of products and services, materiality analysis, impact measurement, and sustainability reporting.

You can use MethodKit for Sustainable Organisations on your own, or book a workshop with Circulous or The Good Tribe. Contact us to learn more!

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