Love Zero Waste live: The zero waste game

Games and gamification is big business. Games, gamification and sustainable development, not so much. Not yet, anyway. But considering the sheer amount of us that play games on our smartphones, and the gaming market in total, this field could face a lot of development in the coming years.

In this episode, we’re exploring how games and gamification can help us take action for a better future. And you’ll find some zero waste in there as well! Our guest in this episode is Monika Martinsson, co-founder of Deedster.

Listen to the episode over at SoundCloud: The zero waste game

Love Zero Waste: The global e-waste challenge with Chloé Mikolajczak & Ify Otuya

And, talking about zero waste and gamification, we have some great news!

We're co-creating content for the Deedster-app! We're pre-launching the Zero Waste Challenge now. Download the Deedster-app on your smartphone and check it out.


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