Love Zero Waste live: "How to make holidays zero waste"

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or not, whether you’re in quarantine at the moment or not, many of us are looking forward to, or even longing to socialize and celebrate with others - holidays, parties, anniversaries, you name it! But how can we all make it through a holiday or celebration without generating a ton of trash - or even - go zero waste?

Guests are Carlyn Grebleski, a-year-in-a-jar expert and blogger of Less Waste World and Andrea Lunzer, founder and CEO of the packaging-free and organic produce grocery store Lunzers Maßgreißlerei. In this episode of Love Zero Waste Live we’re talking about zero waste food, gifts, and travels - and the magic jar. Generating so little trash that you basically can fit it into a jam jar. Some people would say the jar has become something of a staple for the zero waste community. Not everyone is striving for that though. Simply put, today we’re all about tips and tricks on how to survive any holiday or celebration with as little waste as possible!

Love Zero Waste live is broadcasted every Friday in April, stay tuned for upcoming sessions!

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By Circulous, 2020,


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