Love Zero Waste live: Designing microplastics water filters inspired by manta rays

The microplastic pollution in our oceans is a growing problem since the particles are invisible to the naked eye, and even more so, because it’s everywhere, and there’s no way of knowing how their occurrence may threaten life on earth in the long run.

Our guest Sjors van der Meer, designer and co-founder of the Floating Coconet started out with an ambition of using biomimicry design elements to rid rivers of plastics before it arrives in the ocean, and has now pivoted towards gathering microplastic fibres at one of the pollution sources - our washing machines.

In this episode, you'll learn how the Floating Coconet, inspired by how manta rays and basking sharks filter food from the water, work to change how garments are washed and collect microplastics fibres at the source. Floating Coconet is a previous Biomimicry Global Design Challenge finalist, and launchpad start-up, based in the Netherlands.

Listen to the episode: designing microplastics water filters inspired by manta rays


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Floating Coconet (Biomimicry Institute)

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