How to make online workshops even better than offline

We love online workshops! 😍 Do you? Here are some tips on how to make it awesome in the digital world. ⁠

Most of our tips also apply for creating a great workshop offline, however, for online workshops communication is essential for the outcome. A lack of communication will turn your interactive participants into a quiet audience - and your dialogue will transform into a monologue.

Step 1. Preparation⁠

Preparing the online workshop, there are three things to keep in mind:

  • Agenda: (we always follow I DO ARRT). The agenda should be shared with everyone in Google Docs before the workshop⁠. Even better, include it in the invite!

  • Collaboration framework: depending on the desired outcome, define the process from ideation to concrete actions. We prefer using Mural, our favorite system for online co-creation.

  • Video call: use Zoom (if you are using breakout sessions) or Hangouts Meet⁠.

It's always a good idea to have a check-up prior to the workshop. Do all participants fully understand the way of working with Mural, Zoom, Google Docs or Hangouts Meet?

The screen cast below is what one of our online workshop frameworks look like.

Step 2. On-Air

When you're finally on-air - the key is to communicate a lot! 🔊📹😀⁠ Text, audio, and video - use them all.

What challenges are you trying to solve? How much time has each team left? How do the teams evaluate their progress? Any check-up? Cross-checks?⁠ There's a lot to communicate. The easiest way to know if all teams are okay is to pan around in chat rooms. Also, remind them that it's super easy to raise a hand and ask for help if needed! ⁠

Step 3. Evaluate

When the online workshop is done, do a recap of your IDOARRT for learning. Did you miss anything? And of course, reach out to all participants and ask for feedback.

Have you tried online workshops? Let us know what you learned!⁠

Are you planning or organising an online workshop?

Let us help you in making the most out of your workshop or training. We’re skilled facilitators and trainers, and we love ideation for sustainable development!

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By Circulous, 2020,


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