Helping business make the leap from "business as usual"

The MethodKit for Sustainable Development was created by MethodKit and The Good Tribe 5 years ago. Since then, MethodKit for Sustainable Development has been used in numerous workshops across the planet, and now it’s time for a major update of the kit.

We are proud to join Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe and Ola Möller of MethodKit in creating the new version, MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations! In this kit, we're focusing even more on business in order to help companies make the leap from "business as usual" to "business for good". And, we have come a long way already.

In June, Malin and Evelina were hosting a Tryout and Feedback Workshop on the prototype of the new kit, in Malmö, Sweden. As they also host the podcast Love Zero Waste together, the context used for the workshop was a no-brainer: circular economy and zero waste.

Now, filled with input from the participants, we're continuing the development of the kit. Stay tuned for more updates!

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By Circulous, 2020,


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