From fire to loops

Is incineration - the burning of waste - a good idea? Answer: No. Ha! Easy as that. Well, actually, there’s more to it.

In this episode of Love Zero Waste, “From fire to loops, we’ll explore how incineration is hindering the closing of the loops and the transition towards a circular economy, and what the more sustainable alternatives are (spoiler alert: designing out waste!).

Learn how the now world-famous town in Italy, Capannori chose another path than incineration and developed a locally adapted waste management plan, a solution that has panned out so well, that it has inspired more than 400 European municipalities to do the same. Also, hosts Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth have a lot to say on the topic of incineration, “Burning waste - is never actually zero waste”.

Guests in this episode are Claire Arkin of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Rossano Ercolini, president of Zero Waste Europe and co-initiator of the no-burn success story in Capannori, Italy.

Listen to the full episode here: From fire to loops


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Idea, production and editing: The Good Tribe and Circulous

Hosts: Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth

Jingle: Merlinn Sound

Initiators the Love Zero Waste community: Evelina Lundqvist and Alexandra Poetz

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