Exploring zero waste trends in Europe

Love Zero Waste is partnering with Zero Waste Europe to explore zero waste trends in Europe during October. We have a great line-up of experts you'll meet in our social media channels during this month, ranging from policymakers and entrepreneurs to activists. 

During the coming weeks, we'll do several Instagram Lives and podcast interviews. All interviews will result in one big podcast episode on zero waste trends in Europe, released in November. 

Here are the topics we'll focus on throughout October

Trendy reuse — the opportunities of refill, return, and rent

October 5-11 Refill, return, and rent are examples of the broad spectrum of “reuse what we already have.” Switching from single-use to reuse, there are endless opportunities, but also a few challenges ahead. Learn more about the European reuse trends and the wave of businesses and other initiatives to shift our minds and economy towards zero waste.

Naked products changing consumer behavior 

October 12-18 Consumers are ditching the packaging, packaging-free shops, and other zero waste shopping solutions growing in numbers and scale all across Europe. Learn more about naked products and only buying as much as you need. Listen to the stories of success and failure behind this rediscovered and revamped way of shopping.

No excuses — the end of the single-use as we know it

October 19-25 The EU has announced a ban on single-use plastics, and the plastics industry is fighting back hard. Focusing on people with periods and the products they use to contain the blood, learn more about how ending single use-use items affect life on earth, your wallet, health, and innovation.

Our future health — with or without plastics

October 26-31 Illegal plastic waste exports, micro, and nano plastic particles are seeping into our bodies, and a literal wave of single-use plastics items to keep us safe in the time of the pandemic. Learn more about how plastics affect lives and health on earth, the alternatives, and what life on earth without plastics could look like.

If you have tips on ideas, people or organisations, which you think represent European best practice and significant trends on the continent, drop us a DM on Instagram! We're eager to find out more!

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Zero Waste Europe is the European network of communities, local leaders, experts, and change agents working towards eliminating waste in our society and empowering communities to redesign their relationship with resources and adopt smarter lifestyles and sustainable consumption patterns in line with a circular economy. 

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* Remember, Respect, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Return, Refill, Rot, Restore, Repurpose, Repair and Recycle

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