Building ZERO waste

When 3D-printing is mainstream, mycelium grown construction is tomorrow - then what will we see in the future? Wait a minute, building houses...using funghi? This is science fiction! Evelina admits she’s a StarTrek fan and sees the connection with their use of the mycelial network. This is not the same thing, right?

We proudly announce episode nine: “Building zero waste”, hosted by yours truly, Malin Leth, in collaboration with Evelina Lundqvist of The Good Tribe. You'll find it wherever your podcast is, or on our Soundcloud.

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Episode 9: Building zero waste (S2, E9)

By 2050, at least 70% of all people on the planet will be living in cities. This means that there is a huge demand for urban planning and development but also construction and materials. Simply put, we all need somewhere to live. However, the situation is complex. Globally, more than 2 billion tons of solid waste is generated every year. Construction and the building industry makes up a large portion of the waste generated, and the industry is in dire need of disruptive innovation.

About half of all the waste generated actually comes from building materials. Steel, concrete, wood, you name it. Is zero waste in the building and construction industry even possible?

Luckily, there is innovation solving challenges at large scale already, and more is to come. In 2018, the Danish philanthropic association Realdania launched the “Circular Construction Challenge” to kick-start the circular transition in the built environment.

In this episode, Malin is meeting up with the three winning teams of the Circular Construction Challenge in Copenhagen to hear more about their work and how they will make a change. The winning teams are represented by: Niels Jakubiak Andersen of ReSkur, Maria Ekblad of Gentrae, Hanne Tine Ring Hansen and Jon Wedersøe Strunge from Waste to biomaterial.

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