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Waste and garbage affect every single individual on earth. When waste and trash are not avoided, radically reduced or handled correctly, this has negative or even devastating consequences for our seas and species, but also our economic development and public health.


By 2050, it is forecast that 68% of the world's population will live in cities. As growth and urbanization are directly linked to waste generation per capita, topics such as waste, waste sorting, and the zero waste vision are urgent to discuss to create large-scale system change.


We see a crucial need for a discussion about waste, waste sorting and zero waste solutions worldwide. The World Bank’s report on global waste, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement reinforce our standpoint. Improvement in managing waste can drastically reduce our CO2 emissions.


We are convinced that CO2 emissions can be further reduced if we increase the knowledge about the concept of zero waste. 


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Introducing the 12R

of zero waste


Many seem to know the three most prominent Rs of Zero Waste - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But taking a deeper look into the challenges of creating a zero waste society, you might just discover that there’s a whole palette of solutions connected to zero waste. 


The order of the 12 Rs in the list below is significant. It starts with the mindset change triggers Remember, Respect, Refuse and Reduce, and continues with the actions Reuse, Return, Refill and Rot, which may demand a portion of your attention, creativity, but does not require that you add any extra materials, and is rounded off by the last resorts Repurpose, Restore, Repair and Recycle.

The list

REMEMBER why you bought it, or why it is on the market.

RESPECT its value and all the resources used for producing it.

REFUSE to consume, extract natural resources, business as usual. 

REDUCE reduce, reduce to the essence.

REUSE what you already have before buying new stuff. And reuse it again. 

RETURN it to the manufacturer.

REFILL  alternatives. 

ROT all that would ever “come out” of the system, and turn it into soil.

REPURPOSE whatever it is. Can you use it for something else entirely? This is where upcycling might come into the picture. 

RESTORE whatever we might have destroyed in the past, and make sure we don’t create new sites that will need restoration in the future.

REPAIR what’s already there. 

RECYCLE  is the last resort.

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On the podcast Love Zero Waste, Malin Leth and Evelina Lundqvist talk to leading entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and policymakers, working across the planet to create large-scale change towards zero waste and circular economy.

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