Zero Waste, Circularity & The Circular Economy

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Waste is out of the equation, 

everything stays in the loop


That sounds awesome. But, how do we create a circular society?


Imagine the Paris Agreement, the Global Goals, and the Carbon Law as your playbook. And that you and your stakeholders meet up for large scale co-creation, coming up with solutions to implement today. All in a rapid ideation format, full of engagement and creativity.

We firmly believe that the future lies in the smart utilization of resources. And it's up to all of us to make the transitions needed. Whether you name it zero waste, circularity, or the circular economy - it all boils down to how we interpret circles.

Welcome to Circulous.


The zero waste mission

starts with you  

We as individuals play an important role being the change agents of our time. And every big thing starts with a single step. Join us on journey.

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Take the word waste, and then add zero to it


On the podcast Love Zero Waste, we facilitate the conversation with leading activists, entrepreneurs, designers, policymakers and scientists, working on solutions across the planet, to create large-scale change for a truly circular, zero waste future. 

67 cards

Sustainable business - it's in the cards! MethodKit for Sustainable Organizations is a catalyst for strategic conversations and decisions. Together with The Good Tribe, we developed 67 perspectives essential to bringing into the discussion for sustainable development.

12 R

What are the 12 R of zero waste? Many of you will already know, reduce, reuse, and recycle. But there's nine more: remember, respect, refuse, return, refill, rot, repurpose, restore and repair! Mind you; this is not an attempt to define the concept of zero waste. It's a hands-on method to approach it.


Organisations can work their Adaptability Quotient and navigate change with the map. It serves as guidance for strategic management and prioritization on what destinations to include in your journey of transitions.⁠ 

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We're skilled facilitators and trainers, and we love ideation for sustainable development. 

We podcast, do public speaking, workshops, and consult. All in the name of sustainable development, zero waste, and circularity.  Online and offline. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

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